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Services and Solutions

Managed Cloud Computing Services and Solutions


You have legacy applications and are not ready to move into the cloud. No problem, Vancouver’s Rebel Managed Solutions will assist you in designing, and building your private cloud infrastructure in your existing office and will handle all the maintenance.


Our monthly flat rate billing model removes the billing surprises and provides us with the right amount of leverage to pro-actively focus on issues before they happen; keeping your infrastructure healthy and everyone happy!


Not sure about moving entirely to the cloud? Perhaps there are some legacy applications that is driving your decision to stay hosted in your own server room.  Rebel Managed Solutions can help you build a hybrid infrastructure model that houses legacy applications locally while cloud-enabled applications are moved into the data centre.


We can help you consult, design, and build elastic hosted infrastructures based on IaaS, HaaS, SaaS, or PaaS models.  You will have a selection of data centre’s to choose from and you will only need to focus on serving your customers while we handle all of the hosting headaches.


Perhaps you are ready to move entirely to the cloud. Rebel Managed Solutions can help you build the infrastructure in a data centre and set-up a project to migrate all of the data and necessary applications.


Projects will be professionally managed so that we can meet deadlines and make the transition as smooth as humanly possible.


What makes your Backup and Disaster Recovery different? Rebel understands the importance of a good backup, moreover, the importance of off-site backup in case of natural disasters. There are essentially two types of backups. First type is for file restoration in case a file has been accidentally deleted. The second type is a bare metal restore which restores the entire server with minimal disruptions.


Our Cloud backup solutions will not only do both, but we will also make sure to send your backup to our off-site location so you can run your business with a peace of mind.


Do you really have 24 / 7 support? Yes. We do. We provide around-the-clock monitoring of your network infrastructure and 24 / 7 emergency support services.  We have a team of experienced analysts who work tirelessly day-in, day-out, to prevent catastrophe’s from happening.


We pride ourselves in understanding and learning your organization’s business, network infrastructure, processes, and staff. Rebel gives our clients a dedicated team of IT analysts who truly cares about your IT and are happy to assist at any time!